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Our mission: an online bookstore to help readers get in the "know" of any subject they wish to dive into. We are committed in helping you know more, because when you know better, you do better. Knowledge is infinite; thus, we take great pride in enriching and cultivating minds, both the youth and elders.



Our vision: reading + execution = results; hence our motto.

DTR Motto:

"Apply the knowledge you learn to advance our kulture and people." and "Applied knowledge is TRUE POWER."



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Attention book lovers! With our large selection of books and other products, we have a book for everyone - for any mood or occasion, for you to gain moor knowledge, wisdom, understanding (overstanding, and innerstanding), for your own reading pleasure or even as a gift.


Our experienced staff is pleased to help you find the right book for you. Browse through our extensive easy-to-use website and wide range of books today. We look forward to helping you receive the right book(s) and other products you will come across!

Have you been searching for that special bookstore that goes the extra mile? Well, look no further than DTR 360 Books! Our extensive services will meet your every need – from our experienced staff all the way to our extensive collection of books.

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