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  • Sandra (Tuesday, April 10 18 08:50 am EDT)

    I always purchased books from Amazon but wanted to start buying from an Afrikan business. DTRbooks360 is my new book vendor.

  • Brittany (Saturday, April 14 18 09:55 pm EDT)

    I'm amazed at the huge variety & powerful impact DTRbooks has to offer. It feels good to finally have a resource that will sharpen your mind, body, & spirit, when the truths has been hidden for so long. Thank you DTRbooks360, you're saving lives.

  • Rukaiyah (Sunday, April 15 18 11:40 pm EDT)

    Incredibly grateful that we have this resource for the future scholars. I love that I can keep our community strong by spending with US...Beautiful DTRbooks360. I also got the blessing of meeting one of the authors at a marketplace in Oakland, CA--Brother Cozmo El, such a great experience. My universe works in magical ways. Thank you, THANK YOU.

  • XoticWarrior (Wednesday, May 09 18 04:32 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for my books+freebies ?? #KnowledgeOfSelfIsKey

    ?✊?? Great personalized customer service, diversified book selections and fast this business❤!

  • Christopher Barnett (Saturday, May 19 18 10:54 pm EDT)

    First found this site through an Instagram post. Made my first purchase and shipping was fast!! Already working on my next order to continue building my HISTORY library. Thanks for great customer service!!

  • Lila. R (Sunday, June 24 18 02:25 pm EDT)

    Thank you for your fast and professional service. And the handwritten personalized note along with my order was such a lovely touch! I definitely will be purchasing from you again. Many thanks and blessings!

  • Keith (Wednesday, July 25 18 07:59 pm EDT)

    Great service !!! phenomenal books Keep up the great work !! Thanks for helping me expand my knowledge will be buying more books soon ! New Book Plug get connected everyone ! Highly recommended !! Much blessings

  • darlene m gray (Wednesday, April 03 19 12:27 am EDT)

    a breath of fresh air. grateful for black scholarship.

  • Tommy Jackson (Thursday, June 27 19 09:54 am EDT)

    I ordered a book May 1,2019 my order # is 1996 I still have not received my order. Not a call back or response to my numerous emails. Why don’t you provide tracking #’s with your order??

  • Jose Trejo (Wednesday, August 21 19 01:31 am EDT)


  • Adrian Porter Jr (Saturday, October 26 19 10:10 am EDT)

    My calls were ignored
    My emails were ignored
    I paid over $300 for books ,only to find out I ordered a book that wasnt available and my package hasn't been sent. I ordered 10 days ago

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Saturday, October 26 19 10:12 am EDT)

    There sure wasn't issues when my money was accepted, this is why buying black is hard. Black people have scanmers as well

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Sunday, October 27 19 12:15 pm EDT)

    Do not buy books from here, terrible customer service. They sell books they dont have (I have emails to confirm) and they hold your order hostage until they have their books. I requested my money back, I still havent gotten a response

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Sunday, October 27 19 12:20 pm EDT)

    My orders were 2406 and 2407. I have left numerous emails, calls, comments, Facebook messages etc. Still no response. "I am, because we are" doesn't apply to this company. I am simply seeking my books to have something for my children to read. "Each one teach one" I invested in my own people, not amazon, not ebay, and I was scammed of over $300

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Monday, October 28 19 06:26 pm EDT)

    Despite me paying $300, and the payment being accepted, inward told I have to wait until he gets paid, to get my money back. Clearly he's false advertising until we order, he buys his books from amazon then sells to "his people"? Its clearly more about the money than "spreading knowledge"

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Monday, October 28 19 06:29 pm EDT)

    I would strongly advise you do not buy books from this site. He takes your money when you pay, he false advertise and he ships books when he wants. Guys like him is the reason Afrika will not return to greatness. He sells out his own people and land for his personal benefit

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Monday, October 28 19 06:32 pm EDT)

    What's your typical wait time? I ordered books on (10/18/2019) and I have yet to get my books back as well as my refund, 10 days later. He ignores my calls, my emails and then says I'm unprofessional for asking about my order. But is ok to sell books you dont have? Its professional to hold my money hostage? Its professional to lie to your people?
    DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE....PLZ DONT. AMAZON has better customer service and better business practices

  • Adrian Porter (Thursday, October 31 19 01:49 pm EDT)

    DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM HERE. UPDATE-HE SAID HE WOULD REFUND THE MONEY THURSDAY (TODAY). Now he's requesting my zelle/cash app. But he received my payment via paypal, why cant I get my payment on paypal as I sent it?

  • Adrian Porter Jr (Thursday, October 31 19 02:12 pm EDT)

    After I gave him my zelle, he still refuses to send a payment. Then he blocks all of my calls when he took my money. Obviously I'm the only one with good intentions in this scenario being I trusted "my brother" with my business only to be robbed of $300. DO NOT BUY PRODUCT HERE. IM WARNING YOU. HE LIES, HE'S FOR SELF, HE DOESNT OFFER DISCLAIMERS

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Marcus Moisah Garvey

August Quote(s) of the month by Marcus Mosiah Garvey who was a proponent of Back to Afrika campaign and a proponent of Black Nationalism in the U.S. and most importantly in Jamaica.



" A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

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