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  • Sandra (Tuesday, April 10 18 08:50 am EDT)

    I always purchased books from Amazon but wanted to start buying from an Afrikan business. DTRbooks360 is my new book vendor.

  • Brittany (Saturday, April 14 18 09:55 pm EDT)

    I'm amazed at the huge variety & powerful impact DTRbooks has to offer. It feels good to finally have a resource that will sharpen your mind, body, & spirit, when the truths has been hidden for so long. Thank you DTRbooks360, you're saving lives.

  • Rukaiyah (Sunday, April 15 18 11:40 pm EDT)

    Incredibly grateful that we have this resource for the future scholars. I love that I can keep our community strong by spending with US...Beautiful DTRbooks360. I also got the blessing of meeting one of the authors at a marketplace in Oakland, CA--Brother Cozmo El, such a great experience. My universe works in magical ways. Thank you, THANK YOU.

  • XoticWarrior (Wednesday, May 09 18 04:32 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for my books+freebies ?? #KnowledgeOfSelfIsKey

    ?✊?? Great personalized customer service, diversified book selections and fast this business❤!

  • Christopher Barnett (Saturday, May 19 18 10:54 pm EDT)

    First found this site through an Instagram post. Made my first purchase and shipping was fast!! Already working on my next order to continue building my HISTORY library. Thanks for great customer service!!

  • Lila. R (Sunday, June 24 18 02:25 pm EDT)

    Thank you for your fast and professional service. And the handwritten personalized note along with my order was such a lovely touch! I definitely will be purchasing from you again. Many thanks and blessings!

  • Keith (Wednesday, July 25 18 07:59 pm EDT)

    Great service !!! phenomenal books Keep up the great work !! Thanks for helping me expand my knowledge will be buying more books soon ! New Book Plug get connected everyone ! Highly recommended !! Much blessings

  • darlene m gray (Wednesday, April 03 19 12:27 am EDT)

    a breath of fresh air. grateful for black scholarship.

  • Jose Trejo (Wednesday, August 21 19 01:31 am EDT)


  • Ja’Len (Wednesday, April 29 20 11:19 pm EDT)

    First and foremost I’ve got to say that customer service is top notch! They’re professional and very helpful and informative with whatever it may be that’s needed. Second I love the vast selection of books available. Whatever book that I’m searching for I’m almost guaranteed to find it here. You guys will definitely have my continued support for sure!
    S.O.P (Support Our People)

  • Zaire (Saturday, May 02 20 01:01 pm EDT)

    Thank you DTR for being the best online source for Afrocentric books. Shipping was quick and the books are in great shape!

  • Craig (Wednesday, June 24 20 07:09 pm EDT)

    I’m looking forward to building a lasting relationship with this library. The wealth of knowledge & exceptional customer service is like no other I’ve experienced. Support this business.

  • José Alejandro Trejo (Sunday, June 28 20 06:12 pm EDT)

    I BEEN BUYING ALOT OF BOOKS 📚 FROM DTR 360 BOOKS .com and my experience has been and always will be great 👍🏽 so please visit a black owned business and buy at least spend $20 bucks and uplift the black man and woman stop buying from amazon and all these European businesses we all we got I personally stand for our black and brown but for me black melanin goddess queen 👸🏿 and king 🤴🏿 comes first , because they are innocent 😇 , #tribeofjudah , and great #loyal .

  • Chris (Friday, July 24 20 10:03 pm EDT)

    I ordered 3 hats and I’m extremely satisfied... the packaging was great and the hats are very high quality... The shipping was super quick they came in sooner than I expected. Will def be purchasing again soon.

    Thanks again and much success and blessings to you, your family and the business!

  • Payton (Tuesday, August 11 20 11:11 am EDT)

    When I got the book in the mail it was Great quality, with a quick delivery! The extra note and pen was a nice touch too, I’ll be buying another book from them once I finish the one I just bought!

  • zaid abdullahi (Thursday, August 20 20 09:12 pm EDT)

    thank you for putting these books out in the open for our people to read, study, learn, and use daily..i was in prison for 14yrs and the only way we were able to get books of our people were to have them smuggled in..this tells you that our knowledge is vital an our empowerment scares others who cant stop our rise as a black nation. we must always remember,...we were never brought to Amerikkka to be free, independent, prosperous, ...we were brought here to make whites wealthy and keep them wealthy. so books like this help us to understand the details of what went on and what we need to do now

  • Tiki (Saturday, December 12 20 09:54 am EST)

    I would love to start with the fact that the selection of books is amazing. The service is impeccable. The response is always fast. Here’s a cool thing that I would love to share. When the book wasn’t available that I wanted. The fact that dtr360books took the time to contact me via email & notify me of that situation was the icing on the cake for me because not often theirs a company who go out there way to make sure everything is ok & it was my first time purchasing two books from dtr360books. It made me feel very welcome. Now I’m a loyal customer trying to by every book possible from dtr360books collection to build my own personal library. Here’s another cool thing. They re-up on the books that may not be available as quickly as possible. Be patient but also be on top of it by following them on IG. That’s my lil strategy & whether you want to believe it or not ppl are still buying books. Don’t forget the mind is a very powerful tool. Don’t miss your chance to expand your mind with dtr360books. It’s worth it.

  • Shakirra (Wednesday, January 06 21 08:07 am EST)

    DTR is a blessing. This is for the culture, the history, the future, the present. I'm proud to support and grateful for a resource such as this. I'm a lifelong customer.

  • Stevland Rudge (Saturday, January 16 21 05:33 pm EST)

    Great service and a lot of knowledgable books about our History.


    Stevland from Amsterdam

  • Ty (Monday, January 18 21 12:44 pm EST)

    First & last time doing business with this company. After waiting for a month from placing my order, I had to reach out to find out why it wasn’t shipped yet. Then I was told it’ll be shipped “Tuesday or Thursday “ after waiting for a month and no apologies for the inconvenience or anything. Pretty much just took my money and sent it when they felt like it as if they were doing me a favor. But no worries I will definitely be taking my business to another black old business that’s more professional and considerate towards their customers.

  • Xzayvion (Thursday, January 21 21 08:17 pm EST)

    Yooo wassup @Dtr360books thanks for the forest customer service had trouble receiving my book and you took care of it right away highly appreciated and also the supreme mathematic African Ma’at magic is a must read for over standing the mathematical equations in All life forms Ase brother peace thank you

  • Taija Muhammad (Tuesday, February 09 21 11:32 am EST)

    I just want to say that BLACK BOOK STORES MATTER! I could easily go to Amazon and buy some books I am interested in BUT in order for us to keep our legacy alive and authentic we have to fund book stores unafraid to house our true and real stories and history! I will forever support this store and continue to spend my black dollars with my brother and slow to spend with another

  • EJ (Wednesday, February 10 21 10:29 am EST)

    I’ve always been a supporter of my brothers business. So when he told me he was writing his own book I was glad to support him once again! This book is amazing it has no fluff it’s straight to the point.
    If you want a HOW TO guide to building a business this is your book.

    My brother, I appreciate you! Continue to grow and be a light to the community!

  • Dean (Thursday, March 04 21 08:49 am EST)

    Bought 4 books back during Christmas time, arrived promptly in excellent condition with bookmarks and a free calendar. Ordered another 4 yesterday. I appreciate this company. Amazon don’t get my money anymore.

  • Alexander Dash (Monday, March 08 21 07:55 am EST)

    I’m absolutely pleased from all the great books you guys have, i just got six books and already to get more! More importantly the customer service was excellent i really appreciate it. Thank you Dtr360books, you definitely have a new customer!

  • Larry Rencher (Friday, May 07 21 06:40 pm EDT)

    Over the past few months I stopped purchasing books from Amazon and never looked back. The staff at DTR is top notch, excellent customer service, great communication. They have so many different genres to choose from so you can buy books for the whole family.

  • Alisha Campbell (Thursday, May 27 21 06:19 am EDT)

    I made my first purchase from DTR360 about two years ago and with that purchase I received a handwritten note that stated knowledge must be applied. That really stuck with me. It helped me to move away from fear of not knowing how to apply knowledge and focus on positive ways to apply what I read and learned. I’m still learning, but I am grateful.

  • Nava R (Friday, June 25 21 06:58 pm EDT)

    I found DTR360 Books on Instagram and when I saw the books they had on their site I was honestly so excited. I'm not a advent book reader but the unique and rare books available on this site made me want to buy books and learn things that the masses don't really know. I had some difficulty with my ordering and they were so fast in replying and helping process my order. I'm so excited to read them. Love to support a small business, you have great content and products.
    Thank you and much love from Canada.

  • James moore (Monday, June 28 21 12:43 pm EDT)

    Since I came across this DTR books Instagram page I have done nothing but enjoy the customer service and the eye for quality of knowledge that is readily available and provided. The doors I thought were shut and locked for me mentally were never shut, I just had to look under the mat for the key 🔑.

  • Wesseh Yarmeto (Friday, January 06 23 09:17 am EST)

    Just purchased a couple of books from 📚 DTR360BOOKS…books arrived early and in well conditions…excellent customer service and great communication…I will highly recommend them to friends and family…thanks again and you got a customer for life on this side ✊🏾

  • Byron thomas (Friday, November 03 23 07:26 am EDT)

    I have had nothing but problems with this company never before have I placed an order and have to constantly sending emails to get my order that was placed on the 25th of May all paid for and transport, its now November the 3rd and still no order Number 6845 very poor service

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